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Got Space?

If you love flowering plants, you will seldom let an empty spot remain that way for long! If you have a writing desk or something similar with adequate light, try a desk garden. How to Plant has these thoughts in a helpful "How To." http://bit.ly/2uTD9e3

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Book Lovers, Look At These

Those of us that love books usually end up with some hodgepodge storage methods to keep them and display them (sort of). It may start off innocently enough, but as a collection grows it generally out grows its space in time. Wouldn't it be great to treat your books in a way that reflects your feelings for them? Here are 50 home library ideas from OneKinDesign. Photo by Lizette Marie Interior Design. Click HERE.

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Kitchen Trend 2017

The all-white kitchen has enjoyed quite a run of popularity for what seems like - well, forever. To its credit, it is an almost surgically clean look. Unfortunately, that same look could also be described as sterile. The 2017 answer to this, according to Country Living, is not necessarily to banish white, but to work your whole kitchen design around it. Add texture in the cabinetry, get appliances that are not stainless steel (which only adds to the operating room mystique), and consider a colorful patterned tile for the floor or back splash. Interesting finishes for cabinets, like Pecky Cypress (shown in article), are fun because they are totally different than what we are used to. CLICK HERE

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 Handmade Coffee Brewing Equipment

Monarch Methods, of Toronto, Canada, makes what must be the coolest coffee brewing kettles ever! Owner Chris Chekan has a background in instrument-making and industrial design and a true love of great coffee. Have a look at this video:

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Chris' kettles are a little pricey, but not really when you consider that he makes them all, himself. As far as I can tell, his web site, monarchmethods.com,  is the only place to buy them.
Prices start at about $112 US for the small, 320 ml kettle. Chris also makes a single and double brew stand to facilitate your pour-over brewing efforts.

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