Our New Home Project

Gina and I bought our new 1975 ranch home on November 8, and moved two days later. DO NOT MOVE RIGHT BEFORE THE HOLIDAYS! It is now late February, and we are still trying to sort things out - as pictures of our garage (storage facility) - will demonstrate. Here's the house, in Springdale, Arkansas.

We moved from this two-bedroom rental duplex to this 1861 sq. ft., 3 bedroom home with an office and a two-car garage. We have a lot more room, but my ultra-clean garage (before we moved in) still looks like a garbage dump. Let's just say the moving process wasn't well-organized. See what I mean, below?
We do have a storage unit and the stuff is very slowly making its way there. The sorting categories include trash (my favorite), storage, yard sale (this has been a rumor for two years), and inside the house (least favorite).

Here are some pics from inside the house. First, the kitchen. Notice the vegetable tiles embedded in the avocado tiles. Hey, we grew up in the seventies. That's a brand new Frigidaire refrigerator and Bosch dishwasher. It's so quiet, I think somebody is breaking in the house every time it makes a peep.

It's amazing how big a house looks when it is empty. Here is the formerly huge-looking living room.
Since this picture was taken, our electrician blew up our TV and cable box. Here's the new TV. We went from 42" to 55" smart. The new TV stand will be here Wednesday. Right now, we are making do with a folding table and a picnic blanket.
Our first decorating project, necessarily, was Christmas. This is when I discovered that, at 58 years old, I was scared to get on the roof!
I did all that from the ground.

The next projects were silk flower arrangements for the two bathrooms.But, I sure do wish I had known that Hobby Lobby puts the flowers on sale for 50% off, regularly. The one on the left cost about $135; The one on the right, half of which was 50% off, was about $100. The vase on the left came from Kohl's; The one on the the right was a Stratton I got on Amazon.

I've always wanted to use a "Color of the Year," from Pantone. Well, here it is: Classic Blue, in the master bedroom.
The wall art piece is a 4' x 3' heron and lotus flower fabric printed in England. It's a Facebook Marketplace find. The framing was by Hobby Lobby.
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