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Make Your Farmhouse New, Not Old

Modern farmhouse design makes the old quite new, when it was really, well - just plain old. Click HERE and explore this very popular style.
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Little Ways To Update Your Living Room

BHG has 15 ways to make easy updates to your living room. They include things like simple slip covers for your sofa, living room storage treatments, rotating throw pillows seasonally, the inclusion of greenery in your room, coffee table rotation and more.
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Butternut Squash Parmesan

Our friends at Bon Appetit bring us this winter squash recipe. While reminiscent of eggplant parmesan, butternut squah parm is simpler by a couple of steps. It has the added benefit of being delicious.
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Decorating With the Real Antiques

Fossils and Polished Stones Are Hot

Yes, a one hundred year-old apothecary cabinet is an antique, but a 100 million year-old ammonite fossil is an ANTIQUE! According to Home & Antiques, UK designers have gone simply mad for fossils, geodes, polished stones and other geologic curiosities. Their pictorial does demonstrate that it is a compelling look. The use of blues and aqua hues makes it reminiscent of a seaside theme, but with a great deal more scientific feel given the artifacts' origins in deep prehistory.

I was a geology major, so I love it, though even less geeky types seem to like it. 

Here is the article from Home & Antiques, by Alice Hancock. CLICK HERE.

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 Red is my favorite color, so when I saw this exploration of various reds by Michelle Ogundehin, Editor-at-Large for Elle Decor UK, I thought we should have a look. B y the way, these are not everyday reds. They are captivating. Have a look HERE.

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Simple Fixes For Carpet Problems

While living with an eight year-old carpet in a duplex with three cats, it was gratifying to see this Better Homes & Gardens post on Twitter. They found this YouTube video of carpet hacks by Pennygem. I have shaving cream on a stain as we speak. Check it out right here.

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Summer and Rosato

 Rosato is the perfect wine for this time of year. It is the Italian version of rose' and it rocks. The pinkish colors and sweetish flavors are just perfect for warmer weather. Here is an article by Marissa A. Ross in Bon Appatit that makes a very good case for having Rosato in your fridge all summer long. Click here for the article. By the way, there is a video on grilled pizza with the article which will make you want grilled pizza and a glass (or two) of rosato.

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No Cut Flowers? 

I am about to give you a link where you can read this  article for yourself. It is from Architectural Digest and the writer is Jane Keltner De Valle. It is a quite lame argument for going with bonsai and succulents instead of fresh-cut flowers indoors. Coming out of New York City, the title is ridiculous as well: 

Why Trendsetters Are Skipping Cut Flowers in Favor of Plants at Home

Does That make anybody besides me want to hurl?  It would be very interesting to see if they know what pollination is, for example. Oh, right. They're trendsetters. That is so arrogant it makes me want to send them a dozen dead roses. Anyway, you can see the article here.  http://bit.ly/2pREpL0

This bonsai is by Ryan Neil and photograph by Spencer Lowell.

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We'll Drink To This

@Popdust  tweeted today about something that I find very exciting: Tasting Room. It's the fastest growing wine club in the country. When you sign up for 10$, they will send you a tasting kit. Then you rate the wines as you interact with their website. From then on, they will send you a case with an assortment of wines they think you will like. Very cool, huh? CLICK HERE FOR MORE.

This Is Sweet

I have been in the real furniture business, so I do have some insight into this. A new study by internet lender, Earnest, has a study out regarding Swedish furniture manufacturer, Ikea.

@4029news tweeted the results. The question was, "Are you too old to Be Shopping at Ikea?" I did lol, when I read it. You will, too. Here's the link.

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Turntables Are Really Back

Technics, very long a respected turntable brand by Panasonic, has been making a serious comeback, lately. Always a favorite of both audiophiles and professionals, we're glad to see them back. However, they come at a price: The new Grand Class SL-1200 GR is, according to Panasonic, is the long awaited "budget" model. It's about $2K and will be available in June.

TechCrunch has an informative article on the newest evolution of Technics and how consumers are reacting to the substantial price tag HERE.
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by Stephanie Stokes

New York-based interior designer Stephanie Stokes' new book, Elegant Rooms That Work, addresses a situation many of have found ourselves in: You can do a room that is fit for a king, but how are going to actually live in it? Click HERE for a full review.

Staircases You Could Land an Airplane On

Granted, these lighted staircases are styled in various degrees of contemporary, but if these would fit my home, I don't think I could resist. There are 14 in all. See them all HERE 

Double Mint Chocolate Poke Cake

5 Ways To Hack Your Boxed Chocolate Cake Mix


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