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What Is An Oleo Zaccharum?

I found this recipe for an oleo-saccharum in a fascinating series of articles by Wayne Curtis, in Garden & Gun. The series is on punches through history. With holiday season upon us, this information is timely, indeed.

An oleo-saccharum is a syrup made from citrus peel, sugar and water and was used, historically, to add zest to punches that contained a considerable amount of alcohol. Read it and you'll want to try it for yourself. Here is a link to the article.

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A Seasonal Bread

My girlfriend, Gina, made zucchini bread the other day, and the debate was on as to whether it was a a bread bread or a dessert bread. I was on the dessert side. Now, to further the debate, I just found this recipe from Organic Life for Pumpkin Zucchini Spice Bread. While the debate continues, HERE IS THE RECIPE. You decide.

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Do you Like These?

House Beautiful calls these mini subway tiles the "Cutest Style Trend of 2017." I am really curious to see what you think. I think they are too small and, therefore, too busy. I would love to read your comments. See the article HERE.

Dilled Carrots?

Who would have thought?  Bernardin did on Pinterest, which is where I snagged it. I haven't tried it yet (it;s 4 a,m.) but I am about to. It has some unexpected ingredients to, like garlic and dried red pepper. This is making my mouth water. Click here for the recipe.

What Doctors Eat

This is a terrific post by @OrganicLifeMag. It is called "14 Foods Top Doctors eat." They do a very nice job as they go down the list of giving us the real benefits of each food. Some of the regulars are there, like beans and avocado, but there are many more that were off my radar screen, completely. if getting healthier and even thinner, you should have a look RIGHT HERE.

 Heard of an Onion Bomb?

We haven't until now. This is borderline weird. This a smallish onion surrounding a meatball. The whole assembly is cross-wrapped in bacon. It is served with barbecue suave or the condiment(s) of your choice. Oh, and your spear them on wooden skewers. This is from Shared.com. They are selling it as a game day food. I haven't tried it yet, but I will. If you try it, let me know what you think. CLICK HERE FOR THE RECIPE.

Gourmet Italian, again.

We have covered Gourmet Italian before. They are an importer of Italian foods. They are located in Youngstown, Ohio. What caught our attention this time is the La Florentine Panettone Specialty Cake. The recipe is from Milan. It has raisins and candied fruit peelings - and no, it's not a fruit cake. Italian Gourmet is suggesting a glass of wine or an espresso to served with it.  CLICK HERE FOR MORE.

If You Like Garlic, You'll Love This

I really like garlic, so when I read about something completely different to do with garlic, the writer has my rapt attention. Such is the case with an article in Organic Life, by Julissa Roberts, called "4 Garlic Recipes Like You've Never Had." Ms. Roberts is from a Cuban family and these recipes are for sauces that form the basis of many other dishes and a couple of other things I had never heard of, but am anxious to try. READ IT HERE.

You Say Latke and I Say  Potato

The Yiddish word latke  comes from the Ukrainian oladka. In Texas, where I grew up, we called them potato pancakes. It's a small world after all. Click HERE for a super simple recipe from fellow NW Arkansan Jdilday Juggler.


Heck, I even like the ones in cans or jars at the grocery store. However, I am from Texas and I am no stranger to homemade tamales.

Even in Northwest Arkansas, the way you generally acquire them is from someone at work. Their mother makes them and, knowing that we all love them, they will take orders for next day delivery.

If you don't have a tamale salesperson near you, try this recipe from Better Homes and Gardens. Click HERE.


If eating healthier was one of your New Year's resolutions, you will want to look at this: "10 Superfoods You Should Already Be Eating." You will probably learn a lot. I did. Click HERE

 Italian Foods Online

Are you an Italian food aficionado? We just ran across GourmetItalian.com on Twitter and it looks worth a try! Gourmet Italian is a sister company to 100+ year-old Youngstown Wholesale Grocery Co., of Youngstown, Ohio. They bill themselves as a "one-stop shop for imported Italian foods and the foods in question sound fantastic on their website! B & O is going to give them a try. We'll let you know, as usual.

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