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Where Did All This Beer Come From?

Micro-breweries have had a significant presence in Fayetteville for years, but as things have changed, Benton County is getting into the act, too. Brian Sorensen wrote this piece on the state of NWA craft brewing in 2014, for Fayetteville Flyer. Read it HERE.

While We're on the Subject...

if you are a craft beer enthusiast in Northwest Arkansas, you've probably seen this, but if you are a neophyte beer connoisseur like me, you really want to watch this student-produced film by cinematographer Danny Henkel and producer Alyssa Becker, called Tapping the Ozarks: A Story About Beer. It features some of the major players in Fayetteville's craft beer industry and home brewing scene, like The Home Brewery's Andy Sparks with local home brewers Jennifer Royer and Kasey Loman, as well as local craft brewers Fossil Cove Brewing Company, West Mountain Brewing Company, Apple Blossom Brewing Company, Core Brewing & Distilling Company, and Saddlebock Brewing Company. The original music is great, too, written and performed by Jake Scott & Tossing Copper.

Click HERE to watch Tapping the Ozarks.

Eureka: We've Struck Food!

It appears that ours friends in Eureka Springs have got the culinary thing going on. I have lived in NWA for sixteen years and I am embarrassed to admit that I really haven't spent anytime in Eureka Springs. If I had known they had all of the famous chefs with their own restaurants, I might still be there. NWA Travel Guide has a list of their Top 10. Click Here to have a look.

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