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Color Your World

Someone responsible for this room likes red! if that's true, they did the right thing by putting right in everybody's face.

We chase fashion. I make a bid deal about Pantone's "Color of the Year." It is an interesting read on home fashion. I don't know about you, but I can't change colors every year. A better approach is to choose colors that work for you.

These may be colors you are most comfortable with. Or, they may be colors that others think work well on you. I found this out recently when I bought a new tie. It was diagonal blue, gray, black and white stripes. It has an overall "Spring" effect. The standout color is the blue, which in combination with the other colors has a slight green tint.  Blues and greens are my least favorite colors. Everyone loves this tie on me. I have found that now, while shopping for anything and everything, I am looking for that color. I ordered business cards with accents that color. I want a pastel dress shirt that color.

If you are going bold enough to color an entire room, use your instincts. Writer, designer and stylist Lindsay Jackman, wrote this article on the subject in 2015, and couldn't have covered it better.

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