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Chicago Char-Dog

I discovered a website the other day called ChiliPepperMadness.com. I am growing jalapenos in the container garden, so I subscribed. I like it because it is full of great pepper ideas, like this one I found a couple of days ago. It's an how-to for Chicago Char-Dogs and they look great.

When you click over to the recipe, you will notice a pretty serious pitch for Kingsford charcoal. Even though Kingsford isn't sending me a check, I have to agree: I use it, too, but because I really do think it has the best smoky flavor.

On another note, the recipe calls for sport peppers, which apparently are all the rage in Chicagoland.
I researched local availability in Northwest Arkansas, and found none. However, they are available on both Walmart.com and Amazon.

If there is a Northwest Arkansas signature hot dog, I haven't seen it. If you have a contender, let us know at editor@BostonandOzarks.com.

Click HERE for the recipe.
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