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Build A Terracotta Planter Wall

We received an email from our friends and plant purveyors, Proven Winners, this morning and this caught my eye. If you have a large expanse of drab-looking privacy fence and/or are running out of room on the patio, here is a great idea to deal with both issues. It's a terracotta planter wall built with lumber and iron plant hangers attached right to the fence. Great idea! 

Gina and I have both problems: A large expanse of unadorned fence and limited room on our patio.
Not only is the fence pretty blah, but anything to divert one's attention from the unsightly gas meters would be welcome! I think we'll give this a try. Click HERE for instructions.
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It's Time To Play In The Dirt!
This is my and Gina's shade garden about to manifest for Spring 2019! It is now early May and it is clearly time to get the gardening show on the road, if you haven't done so, already. You can follow our progress and pick up some helpful hints, on the Shade Garden 2019 page in our Outside the Home section. Just click the pic.
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