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Blackening Seasoning
Here's how to make your own Cajun/Creole Blackening Seasoning
Do you fancy the spicy goodness of Cajun and Creole Cuisine? And, have you ever wanted to try blackening your poultry, seafood, beef, pork and even vegetables? Once again, our friends at Chili Pepper Madness have compelling input on the subject with this recipe for blackening seasoning.

Before we go there, however, there is a little explaining to do do about what is Cajun and what is Creole. Cajun cuisine could just as well be referred to as Acadian cuisine. The Acadians were pushed out of (by then) British Canada and ultimately settled way down the Mississippi in southern Louisiana. But, they were so much further south, they were lacking the foodstuffs upon which they had relied back home. They now had to make do with what they now had and Cajun cooking was born.

About forty years earlier, New Orleans had been founded. It was a true melting pot, with not only the founding French present, but also immigrants from such far flung places as Haiti, West Africa, Spain, Germany and Italy. There was also a Native American influence.

Green bell pepper, onion and celery - know as the Holy Trinity - are hallmarks of Cajun cuisine; Parsley, bay leaf, green onions, dried cayenne pepper and and dried black pepper are signature ingredients in Creole cooking. You will see in this recipe that blackened foods are a true crossover between Cajun and Creole, combing elements of both. Get the recipe HERE.
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