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Arranging for Spring
Are you experiencing a near-primal urge to arrange flowers? Well, you come by it naturally! We have known for sometime that Neolithic folk used flowers extensively in their burial rites, often lining the graves of loved ones with them.

The Egyptians really got into the act about 2500 BC, as seen in ancient reliefs, using floral arrangements for religious ceremonies, special occasions and even table settings.
These days, we all appreciate the beauty and freshness of flower arrangements in our homes. Those that are professionally done can be pricey, though.

DIY arrangements are fun and relatively easy to make. If one is fortunate enough to have a flower garden, many of the materials are right in the backyard. If not, they are as close as the local grocery store. These store-bought bouquets still need your design and arranging help to make them really pop.

BHG has help with that part in their article, 15 Classic Flower Arrangements. Read the article HERE.
Then, the practice spread through ancient Greece and Rome to the Byzantines.

Flower arranging really took hold in Europe during the Italian Renaissance, gradually making its way throughout Europe. It eventually became an art in it's own right, as it continues, today.
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