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BostonandOzarks.com is an online publication devoted to home and living in Northwest Arkansas.  My name is James Kevin Connell and I am a transplant to Northwest Arkansas from Dallas, Texas.  I am Publisher and Editor-in-Chief at BostonandOzarks.com. After nineteen years here, it is surely, now, my home. If you love every minute here as much as I do, I think you will enjoy what we bring you here in BostonandOzarks.com. 

From things for the home and home design, to recipes, outdoor living and lawn & garden, to the arts and local events, we try to give you a comprehensive look at the possibilities for those of us that call Northwest Arkansas home.

We hope you enjoy it.

Make Your Farmhouse New, Not Old

Modern farmhouse design makes the old quite new, when it was really, well - just plain old. Click HERE and explore this very popular style.

It's Time To Play In The Dirt

This is my and Gina's shade garden about to manifest for Spring 2019! It is now early May and it is clearly time to get the gardening show on the road, if you haven't done so, already. You can follow our progress and pick up some helpful hints, on the Shade Garden 2019 page in our Outside the Home section. Just click the pic.
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Living Coral, this subtle pinkish orange, is Pantone's 2019 Color of the Year.

Pantone defines Living Coral as "an animated, life-affirming shade of orange, with golden undertones." For those that don't know, Pantone is a New Jersey-based company that is recognized world-wide as the color authority. Their real focus is on print colors. They produce a line of fanned color swatches that show related colors. They are widely used in design, print, floral and related industries. Each year, Pantone declares a Color of the Year.
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Are You Growing Catnip or Catmint?

They are both members of  the mint family, genus Nepeta, and cats love them both, but there are differences, according to Gardening Know How. Catnip has a weedier appearance and catmint has lavender flowers and is often used as a decorative plant in flower gardens. See the full article HERE.
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Springdale's Rec Zone

City of Springdale Parks and Recreation has gone into the publishing business with the introduction of their magazine, Rec Zone. The spring edition is out and covers sports, parks, trails, the disc golf course and features and events. 

It is available in digital format at https://www.instantflipbook.com/flipbooks/048ae79839/ and in the print version at the new Recreation Center at 1906 Cambridge St.

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Walton Arts Center presents Dixie's Tupperware Party, February 19-24. Dixie Longate is a Tupperware Lady and plans to throw her first-ever Tupperware Party in Northwest Arkansas. But, they tell us, it's "not your grandmother's Tupperware Party." The focus for Dixie is not on the Tupperware, but on the party! It sounds pretty bawdy, so you should leave the kids at home for this one.

Tickets are $25 to $45 and available HERE.

 Going Unsophisticated

Here's a great article from Southern Living. 

It's "7 Things That Make A Home Unsophisticated." Their angle is quite fundamental, but not not always obvious. Remember that you still have to live in the space you are decorating. Catch the article HERE.

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We Really Like This

Technics, very long a respected turntable brand by Panasonic, has been making a serious comeback, lately.  Click HERE to see more.

Technics Grand Class SL-1200GR


Elegant Rooms That Work

by Stephanie Stokes

Click HERE for more

Twelve Days of Christmas

You know Rick Steves, right? He does the European travel shows on PBS. Here is a great article on Christmas in Europe. It is very interesting. Click HERE to see the entire article.

The Cake of Kings is traditionally served on January 6, the 12th day of Christmas.

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Smart Toaster?

It sounds kind of over the top. Read this and you may not think so. Click here.

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