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Winter Bloomer

The Amaryllis is a beautiful winter-blooming, flowering plant.  The bulbs, if planting directly into the bed, should be planted between October and April with temperatures between 60 and 70 degrees.

So, It's a little late for that, this year. However, there is nothing wrong with starting them in pots indoors. You still have time to enjoy these lovely flowers in your garden for the rest of the winter and early spring.

When the growing season is over, dig the bulbs up, clean them off and store them somewhere between 40 to 50 degrees.

More About Amaryllis

I know it sounds like I am working for the Amaryllis Growers Association, but really, I like them.  @RC_Amaryllis tweeted this today. It is a great article about using the Amaryllis as a bride's wedding bouquet. You can choose from white, red, or red and white. If you're planning a wedding and want something different, you should have a look. Click HERE For More.

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