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Memorial Day Picnic Must-Haves

Memorial Day is almost upon us! This year it is May 28.

This year, why not a picnic? They are fun and even romantic.

I just found this great article from BHG.com. It's "11 Must-Haves For A Memorial Day Picnic."

This is a must-read, but hurry. The big day is almost here!

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Have You Ever Thought About Growing Orchids?

Orchids are beautiful flowering plants that are very  popular as house plants. Horticulturist and Garden Writer grows orchids from Madagascar and she grows them in terrariums. They are gorgeous. You should have a look at her piece HERE. Lots of info and tons of photos.

Do You Love A Perfectly Manicured Lawn?

Here's the good news: Boston & Ozarks now does lawn care,too! This is a real win win. I like to write about it, you like to read about it, and we both like the results. Call us at 479-225-5892 and we will discuss what you need done.

Here is a testimonial from one of our customers:

Since Kevin has been mowing my lawn, it could be featured in House and Garden Magazine.  He's a perfectionist, so he misses nothing when he works on my lawn. When I pull in my driveway, I look around and I just smile! It is such a relief to have the lawn looking as it does. He treats it as if it were his own lawn!

Ann Engler 


Just call me at 479-225-5892 if you would like for us to help you with your lawn. It will be done with an artist's touch. I promise.

31 Plants That Drive Off Mosquitoes

I have done articles before on plants that mosquitoes hate, but 31?! Tips For The Home And Garden has them and it is very interesting. Click here for more.


Dahlias are beautiful, but only if they are standing up. In an article by Doug Hall, Organic Life gives us pointers on staking them properly I have never tried dahlias, but I may now. Click right here for the article.

Rare Plants Destroyed

Australian botanist Michelle Waycott has reported that over 100 rare French plant specimens from the 19th century were destroyed recently by the country's quarantine service for lack of proper paperwork. Sounds like they have some of our TSA folks moonlighting there.

Winter Bloomer

The Amaryllis is a beautiful winter-blooming, flowering plant.  The bulbs, if planting directly into the bed, should be planted between October and April with temperatures between 60 and 70 degrees.

So, It's a little late for that, this year. However, there is nothing wrong with starting them in pots indoors. You still have time to enjoy these lovely flowers in your garden for the rest of the winter and early spring.

When the growing season is over, dig the bulbs up, clean them off and store them somewhere between 40 to 50 degrees.

More About Amaryllis

I know it sounds like I am working for the Amaryllis Growers Association, but really, I like them.  @RC_Amaryllis tweeted this today. It is a great article about using the Amaryllis as a bride's wedding bouquet. You can choose from white, red, or red and white. If you're planning a wedding and want something different, you should have a look. Click HERE For More.

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