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We'll Drink To This

@Popdust  tweeted today about something that I find very exciting: Tasting Roo m. It's the fastest growing wine club in the country. When you sign up for 10$, they will send you a tasting kit. Then you rate the wines as you interact with their website. From then on, they will send you a case with an assortment of wines they think you will like. Very cool, huh? CLICK HERE FOR MORE.

This Is Sweet

I have been in the real furniture business, so I do have some insight into this. A new study by internet lender, Earnest, has a study out regarding Swedish furniture manufacturer, Ikea.

@4029news tweeted the results. The question was, "Are you too old to Be Shopping at Ikea?" I did lol, when I read it. You will, too. Here's the link.

Turntables Are Really Back

Technics, very long a respected turntable brand by Panasonic, has been making a serious comeback, lately. Always a favorite of both audiophiles and professionals, we're glad to see them back. However, they come at a price: The new Grand Class SL-1200 GR is, according to Panasonic, is the long awaited "budget" model. It's about $2K and will be available in June.

TechCrunch has an informative article on the newest evolution of Technics and how consumers are reacting to the substantial price tag HERE.


by Stephanie Stokes

New York-based interior designer Stephanie Stokes' new book, Elegant Rooms That Work, addresses a situation many of have found ourselves in: You can do a room that is fit for a king, but how are going to actually live in it? Click HERE for a full review.

Staircases You Could Land an Airplane On

Granted, these lighted staircases are styled in various degrees of contemporary, but if these would fit my home, I don't think I could resist. There are 14 in all. See them all HERE 

Double Mint Chocolate Poke Cake

5 Ways To Hack Your Boxed Chocolate Cake Mix


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