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Are You This Contemporary?

Well, I'm not, usually, but this makes a pretty strong case. I am also not really big on the seriously liberal use of wood, but this has got to be the exception. This matte-finished walnut crowned with recessed lighting is compelling, indeed. The niches are custom sized for the owner's oriental art. The trend toward free=standing tubs is well represented here with this rather large Corian model resting on a  mahogany floor. I could live in this. It is purpose-driven, attention-grabbing and tasteful. Quite a combination. Click here for the article from Home Adore.

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Summertime Camping

Spring is great for camping in the Ozarks and Autumn is absolutely fabulous, but how about Mid-Summer?  It is hot out there. Humid, too. Local clothier, Fayettechill, blogged on the subject a couple of days ago. Guest writer Emalie Cockrell and photographers Jeff Rose and Heno Head make you want to grab the tent and go as they describe their favorite places to camp this time of year. Read the post HERE.

"From the" Gotta Try It" Files...

We had never heard of it - but we gotta try it! How about preserved lemons?  Writer Hank Shaw explains the impressive history of this uncommon treatment of this citrus. BY the way, these treatments work for limes, too.  It looks like the Moroccans get top billing for preserving lemons, but the Indians and even the British and early Americans used this method, too. Hank gives recipes for them: Russian Pickled Lemons, Moroccan or American Preserved Lemons and the Indian Method. See the article HERE.

 Going Unsophisticated

Here's a great article from Southern Living. 

It's "7 Things That Make A Home Unsophisticated." Their angle is quite fundamental, but not not always obvious. Remember that you still have to live in the space you are decorating. Catch the article HERE.

We Really Like This

Technics, very long a respected turntable brand by Panasonic, has been making a serious comeback, lately.  Click HERE to see more.

Technics Grand Class SL-1200GR


Elegant Rooms That Work

by Stephanie Stokes

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Twelve Days of Christmas

You know Rick Steves, right? He does the European travel shows on PBS. Here is a great article on Christmas in Europe. It is very interesting. Click HERE to see the entire article.

The Cake of Kings is traditionally served on January 6, the 12th day of Christmas.

Smart Toaster?

It sounds kind of over the top. Read this and you may not think so. Click here.

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